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Cardi B Gives Offset An Epic Lap Dance At BET Awards, And The Internet Is Going Crazy (VIDEO)

Even though Offset has cheated on Cardi B more times than she can count, their love appears to be stronger than ever. The powerful couple opened the 2019 BET Awards, and we must say, they freaking killed it.

The reaction has been extremely positive, with a lot of people praising Offset for actually participating in the choreography. He truly did a great job.

But the moment that had everyone talking was when Cardi joined him on stage and gave him a lap dance. She was grinding all over his sh*t. He left the stage after it was over to give her the spotlight, but also probably to hide his erection.

Check it out below…

Of course, the internet had to react to this. The moment was one of the most talked about from the show.

People on Twitter were having a blast…

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