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Cardi B’s $400k 1st Birthday Party For Her Daughter Turns Into Near-Disaster Following NYC Blackout (VIDEO)

Cardi B has been talking about her $400,000 birthday party for her 1-year-old daughter Kulture for weeks. She and Offset have been planning the shindig probably since the day Kulture was born.

And on Saturday, it was game time. The birthday celebration went down in Manhattan on Saturday. The theme of the party was Word Party, which is apparently a popular kids show on Netflix.

The party featured a Build-a-Bear workshop, multi-colored balloons,  large floral arrangements from Venus ET Fleur that spelled out Kulture and yes, a large dance floor.

A friend ordered the floral arrangements, which cost $7000 and included over 600 roses, a company spokesperson told E! News.

Ah yeah, ’cause we’re sure Kulture would have thrown a fit had there only been one or two roses. You know babies these days.

Unfortunately, the party did suffer a setback, thanks to the massive power outage in Manhattan on Saturday. Over 70,000 people in NYC lost power on Saturday night, and Cardi was one of them.

After the party was over, Cardi went on Instagram to thank everyone for keeping the party ~lit~ even when the lights and AC were out.

It was so lit that I lost my motherf–king nail. Let me tell ya’ll something, ya’ll made it lit was the fact that I had got there, the lights went off in the party, it was like a whole hour with no lights, no music. But it was…lit!

And then when we got the power…turned the music and some lights on, it got lit again. But with no air conditioner. So we was literally melting, but people were still dancing, having fun. And then the lights came completely back on. But then they came right back off when we was about to cut the cake.

I hate to speculate, but you have to wonder if this blackout was due to God’s disappointment over a $400,000 birthday party for a one-year-old.

I can totally see the Big Man upstairs being like, “UGH, WHAT ARE THEY DOING DOWN THERE!? *SLAMS FIST DOWN ON A CLOUD,* POWER GOES OUT”

Anyway, you can check out more from the party below…

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