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Lamar Odom Reveals He Wants To Repair His Relationship With The Kardashians

Lamar Odom was living the good life for several years as the husband of Khloe Kardashian. He was IN! He was part of the most powerful family in the world!

But sadly, his drug/sex addiction ruined it all and nearly took his life. Khloe and Lamar’s divorce was finalized in 2016, and after nursing Lamar back to health, Khloe has largely removed herself from his life.

He damaged his relationship with the Kardashians, but now that he’s clean, he’s hoping he can get on their good side again. During an interview with TMZ Live, Odom explained how he’s been doing motivational speaking for a company called MicDrop.

The process has been therapeutic for him.

Doing reality TV and being married to Khloe, besides having children and besides me doing this motivational speaking that I’m going to start doing, that was the most memorable part and the best part of my adulthood. So, there’s nothing I regret about that.

And, hopefully, me going to public speaking can even bring me closer to the Kardashians and help me rebuild that bridge.

Yeah, who wouldn’t want to rebuild that golden bridge? Hell. That was his golden ticket! Same goes for Kylie’s friend Jordyn Woods! YOU WERE LIVING THE GOOD LIFE AND THEN YOU SCREWED IT ALL UP!

If I were Lamar, I’d make it my mission to repair the relationship. Send flowers, bake a cake, do what you gotta do, man! Now that your basketball playing days are over, the Kardashians are your best bet to make a lot of money. Even if you have to start low, doing Rob’s laundry or whatever. Work your way back up.

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