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#WhitePrivilege NASCAR Legend Tony Stewart Runs After Heckler And Punches Him In The Face, But No Cops Were Called (VIDEO)

While A$AP Rocky is treated like dog poop inside a nasty jail in Sweden, NASCAR legend Tony Stewart is free and probably pouring a can of beer inside his cereal this morning.

Why are we comparing the two? Well, because they both reacted the same way to a troll, and yet only one is behind bars. You all know about the incident with A$AP Rocky. A fan trolled him on the streets of Sweden, and eventually after trying to tell him to go away, Rocky and his crew had enough and beat the troll up.

Something similar happened to Stewart on Friday night at a racetrack in Jackson, Minnesota. He was driving in a sprint car race when he claims he blew out his engine after just one lap.

After the race was over, several fans of Stewart asked him for a photograph, but one dude was heated. The heckler you see in the video above was pissed at Stewart for “quitting” after just one lap.

“F**k you, Tony. You piece of sh*t. You come here and basically race for one lap and quit, you piece of sh*t,” the heckler yelled.

Tony fired back, “I blew my engine, you f*cking asshole. Do you want to pay for it?”

After some more words were exchanged, Stewart ran after the guy and punched him in the face.

Tony’s camp took him away from scene almost immediately after the incident … while the heckler was ushered away by event security.

Cops tell TMZ Sports they were NOT called to the scene … and, instead, they say the matter was handled internally by race track officials. They say no formal complaints against the driver have been filed.

Almost the same situation as Rocky, but only one is being charged with assault and facing two years behind bars.

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