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YouTuber By The Name Of Brooke Houts Has Been #Canceled After Accidentally Uploading Video Of Her Abusing Dog (INSANE VIDEO)

We all know the majority of YouTube stars are douchebags. Not ALL of them, but at least 90%. There is just something about internet celebs. I think it’s similar to the short man syndrome. They know they’re not *actual* celebs, so they feel like they have to prove themselves to the world. I DON’T KNOW, IT’S JUST A THEORY!

Anyway, I say all this because another YouTuber has been called out for being an absolutely awful person. The user, Brooke Houts, has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, and up until one month ago, most of her videos were just random “day in the life” type vlogs.

But then around a month ago, all her videos started to be about her new Doberman puppy. She realized the dog could be a cash cow, so she made the pup the star of her YouTube channel. The only problem with this is that no one asked the damn dog if he wanted to participate in her god awful videos.

In one of her recent videos, she decided to prank her dog, ’cause that’s f**king hilarious, right? Unfortunately the puppy wasn’t cooperating, and this made Brooke REALLY mad, ’cause how else is she supposed to afford her daily trips to Starbucks and thrift shops in search of vintage tees of rock bands she knows nothing about?

In the deleted clip, you can see her abusing her dog. She pushes him to the ground, holding him down on the ground, yelling at him, and even spitting on him. It’s pretty wild. She’s trying to get the perfect shot, saying the same thing over and over again, meanwhile this puppy just wants to play and doesn’t understand why his human is getting mad at him.

Apparently, Brooke forgot to upload the edited version of this video. She was quick to delete the video, but the internet saved it before she was able to remove it.

She has issued an apology, claiming she’s not an animal abuser…

I am NOT a dog abuser or animal abuser in any way, shape, or form. Anyone who has witnessed or heard true animal abuse will be able to clearly see that. My dog, in no way, shape, or form was hurt by any action that I displayed in this video.

Bruh, you spit on your f**king dog because he didn’t want to be in your stupid YouTube video. That’s abuse. Give the dog away and get some help. Get off the internet. Work on yourself. LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE DOING FOR LIKES!

By the way, LAPD’s Animal Cruelty unit is investigating the incident.

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