Watch Chris Cuomo About to Lay Hands on Guy who Calls him “Fredo”. Says, “I’ll f—ing ruin your s—, I’ll f—in throw you down these stairs like a f—in’ punk.”

If you are a Chris Cuomo fan, then you will like him even more. If you do not like him, then this video will justify that narrative as well. Chris and the video clip are both very polarizing.

The video surfaced late Monday night on the Youtube Channel, “That’s The Point with Brandon,”. The entire thing appears to be a set up, as a stranger walks up to Chris and calls him Fredo. Fredo is the brother of the Godfather who betrayed Michael. He’s basically the stupid, naive little brother. And if you know Chris, then you know his brother is Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York.

That is why, “Fredo” is a clear direct attack at Chris. However, Chris was set up. Camera’s are rolling and apparently he was at a function with his daughter and not ready for the verbal attack. The Trump supporter approaches him and calls him Fredo. On one hand, I like that Chris took the gloves off and was ready to put hands on the guy, on the other hand I’m disappointed that a guy as accomplished as Chris would let someone get under his skin. He basically fell for it hook line and sinker. You know it was a set up when you hear the guy say, “Look at all these cameras. You’re in for it. You’re in for it,”

That being said, CNN has gone on record with their support of Chris,

“Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur,” CNN said in a statement. “We completely support him.”

As you can imagine, the Republicans are having a field day, including Donald Trump himself.

However surprisingly, Sean Hannity jumped to Chris Coumo’s defense. Something that I didn’t expect, and as much as I dislike Hannity, I have to give him a little respect for his position on this one.

It will be interesting to see what Cuomo has to say about the incident himself.

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