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‘Queer Eye’ Star Karamo Brown Is Trying To Walk Back From Positive Sean Spicer Comments On DWTS

Queer Eye‘ star Karamo Brown made headlines last month when he had nothing but positive things to say about the former White House press secretary, Sean Spicer during the cast reveal of the upcoming Dancing with the Stars season.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Brown told the reporter that Spicer is actually a really sweet guy…

Sean Spicer and I have been talking. Yeah, like, literally I was most excited to meet him because, like, the thing is, people would look at us and think that we’re polar opposites, but I’m a big believer that, if you can talk to someone and meet in the middle, you can learn about each other and help each other both grow. We have been chatting all day today, like, he’s a good guy, a really sweet guy.

Even though Brown was trying to be positive with his message, Twitter was NOT having it. They dragged Brown so much that he ended up deleting his Twitter account.

Before he deactivated his account, he did attempt to explain his position…

I understand how my comments could lead people to believe that I don’t understand the gravity of the situation. The personal is political. I’m reminded of it daily as a gay man of color. I know that representation matters — that it can affect change. I see you & I hear you. I’m bringing my personal message of love, equity & inclusion to the dance floor. I want it to eclipse & triumph over divisiveness & hatred.”

It’s been a few weeks since the drama went down, and now it looks like Brown has learned he just can’t talk about certain things in public.

During a new interview at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards this past weekend, he handled the Spicer question like a pro.

I don’t know anything about him to be honest with you. We only met one day, and one day turned into something bigger. People will attack you. People will say they love you for it, and for me I just have to push forward, believing in myself and believing in the beauty of humanity.

LOL. Well done. He went from, “we talked all day, he’s really sweet,” to “I DON’T EVEN KNOW THE F**KIN GUY, OKAY?”

Well played, Brown. Well played.

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