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Wendy Williams Snaps At Audience Member After Their Cellphone Rings During Taping, “GET OUT!” (VIDEO)

We all know Wendy Williams can have an attitude. There is no doubt in my mind that her staffers have to put up with at least one tirade a day.

And this week, during the Tuesday taping of her show, the audience caught a little glimpse of her attitude. While she was going over the Hot Topics for the day, a cellphone started to go off in the audience.

Wendy dropped everything and got real mad for like five seconds, “Get out! Get out! Turn that phone off now!” she yelled, with steam coming out her ears.

And then, a switched flipped for her. She realized she was coming off a little strong, so she turned it down. She acknowledged she was being a bit “overdramatic” and asked the person to kindly switch their phone to silent.

She explained that tickets are free and all they ask is that you follow the rules, and she has a point. I’ve been to a few of these live tapings and they tell you at every stop to turn off your phone. Some are more strict than others, but they all instruct you to at least put it on silent.

This audience member ignored all the warnings and got scolded on live television. Not their finest moment, I’m sure. You know that call wasn’t even important. The last time I received an important phone call was like 1997.

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