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Rob Kardashian Is Looking Slimmer And Is Apparently Sober Following Rough Few Years

The return of Rob Kardashian might be coming soon. He’s been avoiding the public eye for several months now after his disastrous relationship with Blac Chyna.

For a few months there, Rob was not in a good place mentally. Chyna destroyed him, and honestly, if it weren’t for his baby Dream, who knows where he’d be right now.

Thankfully, it looks as if he has turned a corner. Sources say Rob has quit drinking recently and has been trying to make better choices when it comes to his diet. He’s also playing a lot of basketball to stay active, which has resulted in a loss of at least 20 lbs.

Rob made an appearance at Kim Kardashian’s birthday celebration on Monday night, and you can see he does look a little slimmer. It’s a bit hard to tell because he’s never fully on camera, but it’s there…YOU CAN SEE IT!

In addition to the healthier lifestyle, Rob and Blac Chyna are apparently co-parenting well together.

Along with this positive development, Rob’s also managed to avoid any dust-ups with his baby mama, Blac Chyna, for the past several months … and that’s good for everyone’s health.

But don’t get your hopes just yet. Rob’s life has been filled with ups and downs. He’s depressed, he’s happy, he’s healthy, he’s lazy, he’s drinking, he’s sober.

It’ll be interesting to see how long he stays on track this time. We’re hoping forever, but we wouldn’t bet on it.

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