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Eminem “Backs” Chris Brown For Beating Rihanna In Leaked Verse From Old Track

This might be the most 2019 thing to happen to the internet this year. People are actually upset that Eminem said something controversial in one of his tracks, which is similar to being upset that water is wet.

A user on Reddit posted a leaked audio clip from an unreleased Eminem verse from the 2011 B.o.B song, Things Get Worse.

This unreleased verse includes a line that reads, “Let me give my two cents, of course I support Chris Brown/ I’d beat a bitch down, too, if she gave my dick an itch now.”

People are obviously a little upset by this. I mean, Eminem worked with Rihanna multiple times, and together they created some pretty successful tracks.

But here’s the thing, in the same damn song (from the RELEASED VERSION) he talks about murdering Dakota Fanning and putting Natasha Bedingfield in a washer.

Eminem (old em, at least) was constantly saying some f**ked up things in his lyrics. As far as I know, he never actually completed any of them though. They were just some form of expression for an obviously chaotic and disturbed mind.

With that in mind though, the whole “f**k women, they’re nasty, etc” is a little bit tired. It’s lazy. Not at all creative, which is probably why Eminem has changed things up a bit lately. He’s getting all political on us now, focusing his lyrical attacks on Donald Trump.

What do you think? Are you upset by this?

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