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Disgusting Video Shows Dog Boutique Worker Throwing Poor Pup Across The Room During Fit Of Rage (VIDEO)

Before you press play on this video, you might want to ask God for some peace in your heart, ’cause this sh*t is going to have you fuming.

A disturbing video is going viral today showing a dog being thrown across a room and hitting its head on what appears to be a concrete floor.

The incident went down inside the Bark n’ Bitches Dog Boutique in Los Angeles.

This is how they describe themselves online…

Bark n‘ Bitches is the first humane pet shop in the country. We are a an upscale dog boutique with high quality products for you to spoil your pooch.

But uh, this video in question does not show a dog getting spoiled. It shows a barking dog being abused by a gigantic bitch, which I suppose makes their name 100% true. Barks n’ Bitches seems pretty accurate now. I get it.

In the video, you can see a bunch of dogs playing and barking. At one point, one dog gets a little too rowdy around a group of smaller dogs, so an employee stomps in, grabs it by its neck and throws it across the room.

After the throw, a sickening thud is heard as the dog hits the ground. The sound is the dog’s head hitting the floor … according to the person who first posted the video on Twitch.

Some of the people in the store go to check on the poor pooch afterward, as it hid under a nearby table.

The most heartbreaking moment of this video is to see just how terrified the dog is after the throw. It wouldn’t come out of hiding. This dog is going to be fearful of humans for the rest of its life, all thanks to this disgusting woman.

Bark N’ Bitches has responded to the incident. They released the following statement…

We will not tolerate this or any actions that put our rescues in harm’s way. The appropriate actions are being taken. This is NOT what we stand for. The dog was playing and acting normal after this incident. She was taken to the vet and was cleared 100 percent.

lol, bruh. She clearly wasn’t acting normal. She was acting like a victim of abuse, ’cause she was! The owner of the store did confirm the employee had been fired, but I don’t know, their whole response to this situation (especially on Twitter) has been a little soft.

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