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Jay-Z Is Reportedly Disappointed With The Way Colin Kaepernick Handled His NFL Work Out

It seems like everyone is split when it comes to how Colin Kaepernick handled his recent NFL workout. As you all know, the 32-year-old quarterback decided to hold his own workout at a high school.

This after the NFL gave him a bunch of rules/requirements regarding their workout. One of the rules being no media. Kaepernick didn’t like that idea, and I can’t blame him. The NFL could have twisted the workout to fit any narrative they wanted if cameras weren’t there to document.

In any event, Kaepernick did his own thing and a handful of scouts showed up to check him out. Reports were mixed. Some were impressed by his arm strength while others say he looked average at best.

Jay-Z is reportedly unhappy with the “publicity stunt” Kaepernick pulled.

Sources close to Jay-Z tell us … Jay is unhappy with the way things went down because he feels the league was genuine in trying to give Colin an opportunity. He turned a legitimate workout into a publicity stunt.

He’s obviously not the only one who feels this way. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones certainly wasn’t impressed.

He talked to the Dallas area radio show 105.3 The Fan this week. He called the whole thing a “circus.”

That situation from the get-go probably had a lot more that wasn’t about football involved in it and consequently we got the results of that dynamic.

So, the way these things work, you had that evaluation for you whether you’re there or you’re not. You have that evaluation. And, I think it’s unfortunate that you can’t just zero in on the business at hand, and that is evaluating a player that might or might not help you win a football game or move the chains within a football game.

Of course, that’s the problem with those who already have the power. They want everyone who disagrees with them to shut up and obey the rules. Be a good little robot. If you express disappointment or offer your own POV, then you’re accused of being difficult. Women have been dealing with this sh*t in the workplace for years. If they complain, they’re automatically labeled as a bitch.

Jones is a dinosaur. He’s not going to change his mind on anything.

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