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Kevin Hart Is Proud To Say He Can Now Wipe His Own Ass Following Back Injury From Car Crash

You know that scene in ‘Big Daddy‘ where the little kid (one of the Sprouse Bros) proclaims that he can wipe his own ass? Well, not too long ago, that kid was Kevin Hart.

As you all know, Hart was involved in a nearly life-threatening car crash a few months back. He suffered a major back injury, which forced him to slow down completely. It made him look at life differently, which makes sense considering he couldn’t even wipe his own ass for a bit.

He was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, and he talked about his progress so far…

I’m about 65 to 75 percent back to my physical self. Workouts are not full, I’m not lifting crazy weights, but I’m back to weighted workouts. Agility, mobility, core workouts—I’m a little determined jackass.

And being at 75 percent is a huge deal for Hart, ’cause not too long ago, he couldn’t even wipe his own ass.

I couldn’t wipe my ass. You don’t realize that your back is connected to everything. So coming out of back surgery everything changed. Because you’re just, you’re kind of helpless. So that’s when you get to see what really matters, who really matters.

The first goal was wiping my ass. True story. The first thing was me saying, ‘yo, I don’t like the fact, honey, that you got to come in and you have to get me together. My first goal is to get you out of this position.’

That had to be brutal. Having your wife wipe your ass? Nah. Hart is rich enough to hire a nurse for that sh*t. He’s rich enough to hire a nurse, and then kill the nurse once the job is finished so they don’t talk about it with anyone else.

Hart revealed another big moment was being able to put on his socks…

I learned how to stretch, and I started to get a little looser and looser. I started showering by myself. I started dressing by myself. My biggest triumph was when I put my socks on one day. You couldn’t tell me nothing. When I put my socks on, it was the biggest thing in the world.

Some real good sh*t came from this though. He learned to slow down and spend time with his family. He said before this injury, at most he would stay home for 8-10 days at a time. This injury forced him to be home for three months though, “God sat me down,” he said.

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