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Nick Jonas Surprises Priyanka Chopra With A Pretty Sweet Christmas Gift, Check It Out Inside!

It’s always nice checking the gossip news the day after Christmas because you get to see all the expensive a** gifts celebrities received. It really makes you appreciate the $25 Olive Garden gift card your aunt gave you.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra spent their second Christmas together as a married couple this year, and Nick decided his wife had enough fancy jewelry and clothes. This year, she needed a little bit of snow power.

He surprised her with a pretty balla’ looking snowmobile. He even had Santa Claus ride it in town for her. Apparently, Priyanka had been asking for a snowmobile, so obviously she was thrilled with Santa’s special delivery.

She wrote on her Instagram account, “Santa drove in on my bat mobile!! Aaaah! My husband knows me so well! Thank you baby. I love you! #christmas.”

As long as she’s happy, right? I mean, it seems like an odd gift, since she’s probably only going to use it once or twice a year. It’s not like they live in the mountains. But hey, rich people can afford to buy expensive sh*t they only use once or twice a year.

It’s nice to see Priyanka and Nick still happy together. I still don’t think it’ll last. Something about their relationship/marriage seems so superficial. It doesn’t feel like they have a true connection.

It’s almost like they were all, “We’re both attractive. We’d make cute babies. Want to get married?’

But of course, I don’t know their life. Maybe they’re actually sitting around the fire having deep conversations with each other.

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