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Jennifer Lopez And Shakira’s Tongue Put On Fabulous Halftime Show, See How The Stars Are Reacting

We all know at least 50% of the people who watch the Super Bowl don’t really care about football. Most people just like being part of the Super Bowl experience. The food, the commercials, and of course the halftime show.

On Sunday night, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira put on a pretty amazing halftime show. There was pole dancing, a** shaking, tongue wagging, and even a little bit of singing.

And while there were a few people who complained that their performance was *too* sexy (as if there is such a thing) most people loved it.

Several stars reacted to the performance on Twitter…

I think one of the more impressive things about the performance is the fact that Lopez is 50-years-old and Shakira is 43-years-old.

I mean, daaamn. There aren’t many 50-year-olds who look as great as Lopez, and there aren’t many 43-year-olds who can shake their a** like Shakira.

You can watch the full performance below…

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