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Chris Brown Just Got A Shoe Tattooed On His Face, See The Photo Inside!

Most of us couldn’t get a face tattoo even if we wanted to. Our jobs wouldn’t allow it. Hell, most of our spouses probably wouldn’t allow it.

But for an artist like Chris Brown? It’s just another Tuesday. The 30-year-old got a new tattoo right on his face recently. He got a Nike’s Air Jordan 3 Sneaker tattooed on the right side of his face.

Celebrity tattoo artist GANGA a.k.a. Joaquin Lopez shared the new ink on his Instagram account.

“More tattoos last night for my brother @chrisbrownofficial. Here is this Jordan shoe that I did recently, , @blackpyramidofficial”

This isn’t the first time Brown and Lopez have teamed up. Brown went to Lopez in 2018 for the first time to create the Darth Vader tattoo he has on his stomach.

So why a shoe for Brown? Well, he loves shoes almost as much as Forrest Gump.

Throughout the years, Brown has made his love for Air Jordan sneakers known. As an avid collector of the fan-favorite shoe, he’s been spotted wearing them on several occasions and sometimes treats fans to a sneak peek at his impressive collection on social media.  

Good stuff. I really love oatmeal creme pies. Like a lot. If I ever get a face tattoo, it’d be of an oatmeal creme pie. No doubt.

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