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Video Of Man Repeatedly Punching The Back Of Woman’s Seat On Airplane Goes Viral…Who Is In The Wrong?

There is always some petty drama going down on flights. When you put that many humans together in a cramped space with no way to escape, well, those humans are going to bicker sometimes.

During one flight a few weeks ago, a woman by the name of Wendi Williams (seriously, that’s her name) pushed her seat back to recline, which is something you’re allowed to do, as long as the flight is not taking off or landing.

But the dude behind her (who couldn’t recline his seat because he was in the back row) didn’t appreciate her expression of leisure.

As you can see in the video, the man repeatedly punched the back of her seat. He wasn’t punching it hard, but just enough to cause Wendi some major annoyance. He even told her at one point, “This is a turbulent flight.”

Wendi says things got even more annoying when she reported him to a flight attendant … who she claims ‘rolled her eyes,’ told Wendi to stop recording video, and gave Ali Jr. some rum for this troubles.

Wendi says she’s escalating matters by pressing charges with the FBI against the ‘man who mistook me for a punching bag.’ She says American apologized, but hasn’t accepted responsibility for the flight attendant’s behavior.

Now here’s thing, Wendi also claims she had to get x-rays after the flight because she’s having constant headaches. She also says she missed time from work because of this incident.

This is where she loses me. I mean, the dude was clearly being petty and acting childish, but this Wendi character sounds more like a Karen to me. I have no doubt she complains about every little thing in life, trying to find some way to sue someone.

They both need to grow the hell up. This is some sh*t you’d see on a school bus filled with 1st graders.


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