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Is Lauren London Dating Diddy A Year After Nipsey Hussle’s Death? Get The Details Inside

People love to run wild with rumors on the internet. Aside from making fun of overweight people on YouTube, rumor spreading is the internet’s favorite pastime.

On Thursday, Diddy posted a black-and-white photo on Instagram featuring himself and Nipsey Hussle’s former girlfriend, Lauren London.

He captioned the photo, “More lost files … Me & My Sister @laurenlondonat the @rocnation brunch,” he wrote, which seemed innocent enough. I mean, he called her a sister!

But still, the internet ran with it. Rumors began spreading that Lauren and Diddy were dating. Several users were actually getting mad about something they don’t even know to be true!

London wasn’t having it. She jumped on her account and posted a photo of herself and Nipsey…

Forever and even after Call me Lady Hussle. Stop f–kin playing with me and my name. Now Let me get back to healing.

I’m all love and peace but never forget….I’m a woman in grief and I don’t play about Nip, my family , my character and code. Bout to drink a green juice to start the day though.

There you have it folks. London ain’t trying to move on right now. She’s still in mourning. They had a true relationship. It wasn’t some fling.

She and Hussle dated from 2013 until his untimely death in early 2019. They shared one kid together.

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