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Former Real Housewives Star Joe Giudice Is Under Lockdown In Italy, And He’s Not Happy! Says Coronavirus Is “Stupid”

As most of you know, former ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ star Joe Guidice is used to living life on the lockdown. He spent three years in prison for fraud, and then was deported from New Jersey to his home country of Italy.

He was deported back in October of 2019 and is now split from his wife Teresa Giudice.

Joe went on his Instagram account early Tuesday to talk about how “stupid” this coronavirus is, or more specifically, the response to it. The entire country of Italy is on lockdown for a month: no public gatherings, no school, sporting events, social gatherings, etc. You can only leave your house for groceries, work and medical care.

It’s a drastic step, but it’s a step that seemed to work in China. Italy has been one of the hardest hit countries outside of China. Elderly people are dying and the hospitals are overflowing with patients.

And instead of understanding, Joe went on a little tirade, basically calling everyone little bitches.

Literally nobody out because of this stupid coronavirus. It’s like ridiculous. People are so scared. Unbelievable. More people die from Viagra (heart attacks and drug overdose) everyday than this Corona virus.

In the caption of the post, he called the government ridiculous, and told everyone to simply eat healthy and exercise. Obviously everyone should eat healthy and exercise, but it’s kinda too late for that. These drastic measures are in place to protect the vulnerable.

Personally, I’m all for it. I think we all can stay inside for a few weeks in order to protect each other’s grandmas, grandpas, uncles, or even younger people who happen to have weak immune systems.

And yeah, heart attacks, car crashes, the flu…all those things cause death, but this is something new. And it’s being added on top of everything else. If it gets out of control, the hospitals will not be able to handle it. That’s the real danger here.


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