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Watch Kulture’s Adorable Reaction To Cardi B Singing Her A Song

Need some cuteness on this gloomy Friday morning? We got you covered. Or really, Cardi B has you covered, but who is keeping score?

Cardi went on her Instagram Story to share a cute clip of herself singing to her daughter Kulture. “I really love you,” Cardi sang to Kulture as she ate.

And while you can certainly hear why Cardi sticks to rapping in her tracks, you can also see just how much Kulture loves her. Kulture was smiling from ear to ear as Cardi sang.

It’s hard to believe Cardi gave birth almost two years ago. She had Kulture back in July of 2018. It really does seem like it was just a few months ago.

I know some people were worried when Cardi announced she was pregnant. There were some out there who didn’t think she was ready to take on the responsibility, but nearly two years in, she seems to be doing just fine.

I mean, yeah, she probably has a team of nannies helping her 24/7, but still…SHE’S DOING IT! IN HER OWN WAY! If you had millions of dollars and a thriving career in the entertainment industry, you’d hire a team of nannies too.

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