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A Restless Ellen DeGeneres Calls Up Kevin Hart And Tiffany Haddish For Some Entertainment (VIDEO)

Talk show hosts are going a little crazy inside their homes. We’ve seen “home” videos from Jimmy Fallon, Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and now Ellen DeGeneres.

She’s incredibly bored inside her home, which is hard to believe considering she lives in a mansion. All these celebrities acting like it’s so hard for them, but they have movie theater rooms, basketball courts, spas, etc. It’s like they’re on vacation!

Anyway, Ellen’s wife Portia filmed the bored talk show host talking to multiple people on the phone.

In the hilarious video below, Ellen chats up a rep at a credit card company. When asked if she’s interested in discussing an opportunity, Ellen says, “No, I was just bored. I’m sequestered in my house, I’m quarantined and I thought, you know, I’ll talk to somebody. So, hi.”

From there, she ditches the credit card company to take calls from Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart.

Hart revealed he’s trying to work on a new stand-up set:

I’m working on the set here in my house. I’ve been bombing a lot, nobody’s laughing. Yeah, I’m not getting no laughs in here, it’s a stupid household. These people stupid in this house.

If you need a goofy little pick-me-up, check out the clip below…

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