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Hoda Kotb Tears Up After Talking About How The Coronavirus Is Impacting New Orleans With Drew Brees (VIDEO)

News anchors across the country are accustomed to reporting terrible news on the daily, but the past few weeks have been especially terrible.

There is almost no good news coming across the screen. It’s all bad. People dying inside the hospital, alone and probably scared, without their loved ones by their side. Grandparents dying, millions of people losing their jobs, no one knowing how they’re going to pay rent or feed their family.

We are living in dark times, and sometimes you just need to stop for a moment and cry. Hoda Kotb experienced this on Friday morning while co-hosting the Today show.

She was finishing up an interview with Drew Brees, who had just mentioned he donated $5 million to the state of Louisiana after hearing about how bad things are in New Orleans. For those who don’t know, New Orleans is basically a mini New York right now. Their hospitals are being hit extremely hard.

Kotb has a personal connection to New Orleans, she worked there back in the ’90s. After the interview was over, Kotb started to tear up. She tried to fight back the tears, but she couldn’t.

That’s when her co-host Savannah Guthrie had to step in for her…

I know it’s a lot, Hoda. I’m so sorry, hon. Take a moment. It’s a lot. I know where your heart is, my dear. I do. How about I read the tease, you want me to?

It was a pretty emotional moment. Even the coldest of hearts had to warm just a little bit.

We are in the middle of this pandemic right now. We are all in it together. The whole damn world. So feel sad, get angry, do whatever you want, but don’t feel alone. We’re all in it.

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