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Jermaine Dupri Steps Up, Encourages People In Atlanta To Stay Home: “DON’T DIE CAUSE YOU’RE BORED”

As most of you probably know, the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, is a maniac. He’s going against nearly every scientist/doctor by announcing plans to reopen the entire state on Friday. Even Donald Trump disagrees with the decision, at least that’s what he’s saying now.

But still, Kemp is going ahead with it. The good news is that a lot of businesses and people have already said they won’t be returning to work tomorrow. The mayor of Atlanta and its residents are fighting back.

Jermaine Dupri is extremely worried about Atlanta’s black community. He made a nearly 10-minute video explaining why the city/state should not reopen tomorrow.

JD came armed with stats for his plea to Atlanta — pointing out COVID-19 is killing African-Americans at a disproportionately high rate, and that Georgia ranks last in virus testing.

He did acknowledge the challenges of quarantine, and said he does understand why people want to get out, but added the stakes are just too high to give in now. As he put it, ‘Don’t die ’cause you bored!’

Dupri is not alone in his plea. The NAACP has called Kemp’s decision “reckless and unilateral” and says the governor is putting at risk communities in direct danger. They’re encouraging all citizens to stay home.

Jermaine is also calling on Atlanta’s black community to use the power of the ‘black dollar’ by NOT spending at reopened businesses. His bottom line — ‘What I want you to understand is they expecting us to die. We don’t have to go that way.’

Listen to, Dupri. STAY HOME THIS WEEKEND! It’s too early. We need to see the results of more testing, as well as the antibody tests. Until we get a better picture of what we’re dealing with, no one should be reopening.

The finish line is close, but it’ll get pushed waaaaay back if we all open up too early.

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