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Sacramento State Professor And His Wife Go Viral In Embarrassing Video Featuring His Wife Using Racial Slur

Sac State professor seen in viral video where wife uses racial slur against neighbors from r/PublicFreakout

A Sacramento State professor named Tim Ford might be out of a job after the clip you see above went viral this past week.

The video features Ford’s wife and his neighbors getting into a little argument outside their homes. According to the neighbors, the argument started after Ford’s wife started yelling at them about the smell of bacon grease.

Ford’s wife appears to be heavily intoxicated in the clip. I’m no expert, but it certainly seems like she’s more than just drunk. She was moving around like she had ants in her pants.

In the video, she calls her neighbor a “bitch” and the n-word, although she did not go “hard r” on them, which might count for something? I don’t know.

As for Tim, he seemed annoyed by everyone, but he didn’t exactly do much to save his wife from embarrassment. Instead, he seemed worried about himself, saying, “Listen — I’m a professor at Sac State dude, I have a PhD. I don’t need to be dealing with shit like this.”

That’s when his wife chimes in with, “I have my masters! F–k off!” which might be the stupidest sh*t I’ve ever heard.

Following the embarrassing incident, Tim was forced to release a statement via his lawyer…

These past few days have been very trying for me and my wife. While we’ve had difficulties with this neighbor, this particular confrontation got out of hand.

My wife used some language that was unacceptable and does NOT represent my way of thinking. She recognizes the hurt and anger that she has caused and regrets it. Today, she is seeking help and has checked herself into a hospital for alcohol and drug abuse.

He also apologized to his neighbors and even offered to sit down with them to talk things out.

But that likely won’t be happening, ’cause the neighbors moved the hell away from his crazy ass. The neighbor, Mikaela Cobb and her boyfriend moved out not long after posting the video.

Apparently, this had been going on for a while now…

I posted the video of my neighbors to show my friends and family, what I have been going through for months in a moment of being fed up with the situation. This has gone on since they have moved in.

I have countless videos, emails to my complex, and messages from other tenants that have had to deal with them.

Honestly. I don’t know why Ford’s wife is the only one going to rehab. I think ol’ Tim needs some help as well. He was drinking in the clip, and it sounds like this was happening regularly. Sounds like they were hyping each other up.

Dude is throwing his wife under the bus to save his own ass.

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