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Nick Cannon Says His Children Fear The Police

During a discussion with Access, Nick Cannon talked about how he typically tries to teach his children to be fearless.

He tells them that they have the power “within you that you need to fear nothing” but when it comes to the police? They are fearful.

But when they see the energy of law enforcement [it’s like], ‘Uh oh, here comes the police.’ That’s why I say we gotta rethink and restructure what law enforcement is, specifically in our communities.

Law enforcement should be from the community. … I’m ready to put my life on the line for this, because there’s nothing more important to my community, nothing more important to my family, nothing more important to me, than to evoke a change in a real way.

Cannon explains that he’s constantly having conversations with his twins, Monroe and Moroccan, 9, about how to interact with the police, “That mindset of, ‘Sit up straight and don’t talk, keep your hands where they can see them.”

And while this conversation is needed, especially for young black men, it’s sad that it’s needed. It’s sad that the police want to be feared so much. Instead of joining the community, you know..serving and protecting it, they want to come across as if they’re in a war against the community.

Hopefully we are seeing real change take place. I know it feels like we always say that, and then nothing ever changes, but this time it does feel a little different.

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