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J. Cole Catching Some Heat On Twitter After Calling Out Female Rapper Noname In His New Track ‘Snow On Tha Bluff’

J. Cole surprised his fans this week by dropping a new single titled ‘Snow on Tha Bluff‘ which shares its name with the 2011 reality-drama film by Damon Russell.

In the surprise track, Cole talks about the Black Lives Matter Movement, racism, police brutality…and a certain female rapper who has been calling on other rappers to speak up on Twitter.

He starts the track by referencing the recent surge of activism on social media by making reference to a “young lady” who he admits is way smarter than him.

There’s a young lady out there, she way smarter than me. I scrolled through her timeline in these wild times and I started to read / She mad at these crackers, she mad at these capitalists, mad at these murder police.

She mad at my n—as, she mad at our ignorance, she wear her heart on her sleeve. She mad at the celebrities, low-key I be thinkin’ she talkin’ ’bout me.

Throughout the song, he’s basically telling her to “chill” and to change her approach, because not everyone is going to respond well to the tone she is using.

And the frustration that fills her words seems to come from the fact that most people don’t see. Just ’cause you woke and I’m not, that shit ain’t no reason to talk like you better than me.

How you gon’ lead, when you attackin’ the very same n-ggas that really do need the shit that you sayin’? Instead of conveying you holier, come help get us up to speed.

Once the track was released, several people on Twitter called him out for taking aim at Noname, who recently criticized black rappers for not speaking out about injustice.

J. Cole jumped on his Twitter account to confirm that he was indeed talking about Noname in his track, and he wanted to make it clear that he didn’t say anything he regrets…

What do you think about the track? Was it needed? And do you agree with his “hey, chill” message?

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