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Angry Cop In Buffalo Calls Woman A Disrespectful “Little C***!” (VIDEO)

C*** comment drops at around 1:15 mark

Damn. You know how people are always talking about male rage? Specifically white male rage? Well, this Buffalo Police lieutenant is the prime example.

Lieutenant Mike DeLong (who is probably mad that his last name is misleading) was with at least 10 other cops at a 7-Eleven parking lot in Buffalo on Sunday. They were trying to deal with a man who was on drugs.

Well, a woman saw the intense police presence and noticed a cop was ready to go with a baton in hand, so she decided to stop and record the interaction. She was completely free to do so, and the cops shouldn’t have had a problem with it.

In fact, most of the cops just ignored her, but poor DeLong can’t handle not getting his way. He’s used to people just obeying his orders, especially women, so you can see just how angry he was with this woman. Even before he called her a “disrespectful little f***ing c***” you could see anger in his eyes.

Additionally, he said things like, “Are you a secretary?” as if that’s the only job she’d be qualified for because she’s a woman. This video is not the most shocking police clip, but to me, it’s pretty damn disturbing because in no way is this dude unbiased.

He’s so very clearly sexist, and it would not surprise me one bit to learn he’s also a racist. And we’re supposed to trust him with a gun? We’re supposed to call on him when we’re not safe? Nah. No thanks. This dude acted like a damn first grader arguing with another kid on the playground.

It’s worth noting that he has been suspended. We’ll see if they end up firing him. I wouldn’t count on it though. It”s Buffalo after all.

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