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White Jimmy John’s Employees Fired After Making Noose Out Of Dough And Posting It To Social Media

Sometimes you see something and you’re like, “Okay, this is peak stupidity. Nothing can top this,” and then two days later, something comes along and tops it.

The current leader? These incredibly dumb Jimmy John’s employees who made a noose out of dough and then proceeded to “hang” one of their own with it.

For some reason, they posted the racist clip to their social media page and now it’s spreading like wildfire.

This went down in the city of Woodstock, where at least four JJ employees working on the 4th of July apparently thought it’d be funny to do a mock lynching with their supplies..

Jimmy John’s is known for their speedy delivery, and now they might be known for their speedy firings, because not long after the video went viral, they came down hard on the employees featured in the clip.

We have zero tolerance for racism or discrimination in any form. The franchisee has taken immediate action and the employees have been terminated. The actions seen in this video are completely unacceptable and do not represent the Jimmy John’s brand.”

And get this, according to the local reports, even the manager of the store was fired! Looks like they cleaned house. I mean, it makes sense. How could you really trust a manager who hires dipsh*ts like this?

Sad thing is, those dudes don’t care about getting fired. That job was just something to do for them. They’ll find some other job, and the cycle will continue.

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