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Sherri Shepherd Reveals Barbara Walters Would Constantly Make Her Cry Behind-The-Scenes On ‘The View’

Back in 2007, Sherri Shepherd got the break of her career when she was hired to join ‘The View‘ which was created by Barbara Walters way back in the late ’90s.

Sherri was a co-host on the popular daytime talk show until 2014, when her comments on Christianity and the LGBTQ community caused an uproar. She basically said that because she grew up as a Christian, she believes that homosexuality is a sin and sinners go to hell.

Obviously, her comments didn’t sit well with a lot of people and she was forced to apologize on The View.

You love who you love. I’ve evolved. Look, my best friend, my best friend Tommy Borden, he’s been married to his husband, Jimmy, for the last 17 years. I couldn’t even make two marriages work past six years. Who am I to be judging anybody?

Not long after, Shepherd left the show, and now six years later, she’s talking about what the experience was like.

During an interview with People, Shepherd revealed being on The View was the most painful/best experience she’s ever gone through…

It was the most painful experience that I’ve ever gone through, but it was the best experience. Barbara was so hard on me. I cried for three years in my dressing room because she was so hard on me, but she did it out of love.

During one moment, Shepherd remembers Walters telling her, “I love you. I just need you to read a book, dear, and learn to defend what you believe. And speak up.”

Additionally, she also revealed that producers on the show originally tried to screw her over on her salary.

I thank Rosie O’Donnell to this day because when I was being asked to join The View, they offered me less than Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who had only done Survivor and worked for Puma, making the tennis shoes. It was a small agency. But Rosie O’Donnell called me and she said, ‘This is what I make. This is what Joy makes. This is what Elizabeth makes. This is what you should ask for.’ She helped me negotiate through the entire process.

That’s a pretty cool move by Rosie. By the way, things between Shepherd and Hasselbeck are all good now. She was even a bridesmaid at Shepherd’s wedding back in 2011.

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