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Skip Bayless Is Taking Lots Of Heat Following His Heartless Reaction To Dak Prescott’s Depression Reveal

Skip’s rant comes at the 2:30 mark

Skip Bayless is known for being a d**k. It’s his thing. For some reason, people love to watch people they hate, and Skip is a master at being hated. But in a recent episode of ‘Undisputed‘ he may have went too far.

The drama started when Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott revealed he suffered from depression during an interview with Graham Bensinger.

During the Bensinger interview, Dak revealed he suffered from depression during the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

He also addressed the death of his older brother, Jace, who took his own life back in April. Dak believes the emotional toll from their mother’s death affected him deeply and ultimately led to his suicide.

So yeah, it was a pretty emotional interview. I mean, we’ve all been through a miserable 2020, but Dak’s 2020 has been especially terrible.

A lot of people expressed support for Prescott, including Shannon Sharpe, but for some reason, Skip decided to continue his villain act, even with a subject matter as serious as this.

He basically said he has zero sympathy for Dak and claims that as the quarterback of “America’s Team” he can’t go public with that because it makes him look weak. He claims that his teammates might not feel confident in his leadership anymore.

And that’s the kind of 1800s thinking that leads to suicide. You are not brave for keeping your depression inside you. You are not brave for trying to deal with everything yourself.

Skip talks about how he had a bad childhood and a lot of low moments, but he just fought his way out of them.

I’d argue he’s probably not okay mentally and just because he can function in society, doesn’t mean he’s at peace in his mind. But whatever, let’s assume his method of “fighting” has really worked for him. It’s wrong to put that on everyone else struggling. Most people don’t see results until they open up and start talking to someone.

If I were a teammate of Dak’s, I’d be MORE confident in him now. It’s not easy to talk about mental health, so good on Dak for addressing it.

And as always, f**k Skip Bayless.

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