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Chris Evans Breaks Silence After Accidentally Posting A Photo Of His Erect Penis

You probably heard the commotion this past weekend involving Chris Evans. The beloved actor made headlines after he accidentally shared a photo of his erect penis to his Instagram Story.

He was apparently playing some game, and he forgot to cut the video at the end, which showed his camera roll. And on that camera roll was a dark photo of his penis, along with this photo…

It was a pretty bizarre moment and for almost the entire day, Evans was trending on Twitter.

He went silent on social media for three long days before breaking his silence with this post on Twitter…

As you can see, the tweet has nearly 1 million likes. He played it perfectly. I mean, no one wants to hear some “apology” for accidentally posting a d**k pic. It ain’t that serious.

So instead of dragging it out, he took the opportunity in the spotlight to remind people to do something very important…like vote.

And his celebrity friends appreciated the move…

Well played, Chris. Well played.

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