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Chris Rock Talks Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi And Jimmy Fallon’s Blackface In New Interview

Chris Rock sat down with The New York Times recently and gave them a pretty lengthy and detailed interview. They discussed a lot of things, including Rock’s starring role in the upcoming installment of Fargo.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. Rock addressed some serious issues, including the delayed response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While most people want to put 100% of the blame on Donald Trump, Rock believes the majority of blame should be on Nancy Pelosi and the democrats, for focusing too much on Trump’s impeachment.

Basically, his position is that you know Trump’s an idiot, so you should have been more prepared than he was, but he feels like democrats weren’t prepared because they were obsessed with his impeachment.

It was totally up to Pelosi and the Democrats. Their thing was, ‘We’re going to get him impeached,’ which was never going to happen. You let the pandemic come in. Yes, we can blame Trump, but he’s really the 5-year-old.

Of course, Trump was impeached, but he was not convicted, which is probably what Rock is trying to say. Republicans were never going to convict him, but he was impeached, which honestly doesn’t mean much.

Anyway, Rock also talked about Jimmy Fallon’s blackface controversy…

Hey, man, I’m friends with Jimmy. Jimmy’s a great guy. And he didn’t mean anything. A lot of people want to say intention doesn’t matter, but it does. And I don’t think Jimmy Fallon intended to hurt me. And he didn’t.

He was then asked about blackface in general, and Rock made it clear that he’s not in support of blackface, and he finds it weird that he needs to announce it…

If I say they are [going too far in removing blackface], then I’m the worst guy in the world. There’s literally one answer that ends my whole career. Blackface ain’t cool, OK? That’s my quote. Blackface is bad. Who needs it?

It’s so sad we live in a world now where you have to say, ‘I am so against cancer.’ ‘I just assumed you liked cancer.’ ‘No, no, no, I am so against it. You have to state so many obvious things you’re against.

Nothing that he said in the interview was *that* controversial, but of course, Twitter found something to be pissed at. Basically, they’re mad that he would even dare criticize democrats. That’s the kind of attitude that people hate though, so if we want to win in November, we may want to be more embracing.

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