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No Justice For Breonna Taylor As Only One Cop Is Charged With Weak Charge Of Endangerment

Some frustrating news to report today. A Jefferson County grand jury has indicted one of three Louisville officers in the March 13 fatal shooting of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor.

And the charge is not related to the killing of Taylor. The officer, Brett Hankison was indicted on three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for shooting into a neighboring apartment.

Hankison has been indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree — for firing recklessly and without due regard for life. His bail has been set at $15,000. Wanton endangerment carries a maximum penalty of 5 years if convicted.

No other officers involved in the shooting were charged with anything. So basically, we still don’t have justice for Taylor.

Cameron said the grand jury decided homicide charges are not applicable because the investigation showed that Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in returning deadly fire after they were fired upon by Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend.

And while that might be true, you have to consider the context. Yeah, Walker shot at the officers, so they returned fire, but why were they in that situation in the first place? They claim that they announced their presence when knocking on the door, but no neighbors back up that claim. No one heard them shout “Police!” or anything like that.

Plus, they had a no-knock warrant, so why would they announce it? We’re supposed to believe they went out of their way to politely introduce themselves? Doesn’t sound like any officer I know.

So the officers intentionally put themselves into a hostile environment, which resulted in Walker believing someone was trying to break into the apartment.

And remember, this was all about drugs! Officers thought Walker was dealing drugs out of Taylor’s apartment, even though there was no evidence to support this and they found no drugs inside the apartment.

Based on how the law is today, it’s not surprising that the officers were cleared. That’s why we need to change the laws. Change how much power officers have, and CHANGE THE INSANE WAR ON DRUGS!

I mean think about that sh*t, the officers came up in her apartment like they were out searching for Bin Laden. All because they had suspicions of drug dealing. It’s stupid. It makes no sense, and it needs to change.

Breonna Taylor should not have died. We need change, and we need it now.

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