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Chance the Rapper Gets Dragged After He Tells People To Vote For Whoever Their Mom Is Voting For

Chance the Rapper has always been a little questionable when it comes to politics. He seems to align with Kanye West’s way of thinking, which means he’s often fighting the urge to put on that MAGA hat.

On Tuesday, the rapper went on his Twitter account to tell his fans to vote for whoever their mama is voting for.

Of course, people had a problem with this advice. A lot of people have conservative parents. The older you get (in general) the less likely you are to support big changes. You get comfortable with the way things have been, so honestly, this advice don’t make no damn sense.

I might ask my mom for marriage advice. I might ask my mom how to make that vegetable soup she was always making. I might ask my mom how she managed to take care of three kids by herself. I might ask my mom if I should take this new job. I might ask my mom a lot of sh*t, but I don’t give a f**k who she’s voting for.

Several people responded to Chance on Twitter…

What did Chance have to say about all this? Not much. He just kept saying, “But I’m talking about YOUR mom!”

How tf does that reply even make sense? What if he says, “Yeah, my mom.” then by Chance’s logic, this dude should vote for Trump. It’s that simple, right?

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