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Dax Shepard Talks About Recent Relapse With Pain Pills In New Podcast Episode

Dax Shepard has opened up about his past addiction to pain medication several times throughout his career. In 2012, he started taking Percocet after suffering some injuries, and it led to him taking twice of what his prescription was.

Thankfully, he had been clean for quite some time, but unfortunately, that changed two months ago. If you’ve been following his social media accounts, then you know he’s had several injuries the past few months. He broke his arm, then once he recovered from that, he crashed his bike and broke a few ribs.

The pain was pretty severe, as to be expected with rib injuries, which led to Shepard taking pain medication. That’s always a dangerous thing to do as an addict, but for some reason, Dax thought he could manage it.

He couldn’t. During a recent episode of his Armchair Expert podcast, he talked about how his co-host Monica Padman called him out on it. He started lying to her, lying to his wife, Kristen Bell, and his entire team.

And I’m lying to other people. And I know I have to quit. But my tolerance is going up so quickly that I’m now in a situation where I’m taking, you know, eight 30s a day, and I know that’s an amount that’s going to result in a pretty bad withdrawal. And I start getting really scared, and I’m starting to feel really lonely. And I just have this enormous secret.

He talked to Padman and Bell together and explained what had been happening.

Of course, they were supportive and encouraged him to attend meetings. They also helped him with his withdrawals…

I’m sweating bullets; I’m jerky; my back kills. It’s terrible. I’ve never detoxed from opiates, and I have so much compassion for these junkies who have, like, f–king cycled through this 20-30 times.

He titled this podcast episode “Day 7” because it was recorded on day seven of his new sobriety journey. The episode was recorded on September 21. After the podcast aired on September 25, Dax told his followers he was now on day 11.

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