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Noel Gallagher Is An Old Grumpy Man, Says Today’s Music Sucks And Calls Out Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran

At 53-years-old, singer-songwriter Noel Gallagher is a bit of a grump. The co-lead vocalist of the rock band Oasis was on the ‘Matt Morgan’s Funny How?’ podcast, and he had a lot to say.

And none of it was very nice. I mean, we talk smack on here, but he was talking some smack-smack.

Music now is style over substance. I find that these young ­people in the music game — they f–king look great, they’ve all got tattoos and the image and all that f–king bollocks, but really they’re just s–t. They’re not saying anything.

The biggest-selling acts are s–t, whereas when I was growing up the biggest-selling acts were the best acts. The biggest band in the world was usually the best band in the world. Now the biggest thing in the world is f–king Taylor Swift. What? F–k off.

Damn. Okay. I mean, it’s not like he’s telling lies. A lot of pop songs these days are a bunch of nothing. They’re not really saying much in their lyrics, but targeting Swift out of all artists is a bit odd. Say what you want about her victim mentality, but she is a great lyricist. And her latest album showed a return to her storytelling.

Perhaps Gallagher was thinking about her ‘Reputation‘ album, which featured more poppy, meaningless songs. That being said, meaningless pop songs have always been a thing. It’s not like they’re new.

Gallagher didn’t end with Swift. He also called out her pal Ed Sheeran.

There’ll never be people like that because musicians will never make that kind of money — and the ones that do, like Ed Sheeran, f–king whatever. There’ll be no more private jets or David Bowie rocking into King’s Cross Station dressed as a Nazi. There’ll be none of that anymore because ­people will be cowed by social media.

Break out the world’s smallest violin. Geez. This dude sounds like he’s 85-years-old. HE’S ONLY 53 AND HE’S ALREADY THIS GRUMPY! He sounds miserable.

We all have these thoughts though. Almost everyone believes their generation was the best. The best music, the best movies, the best food, the best people, etc.

Who is right? Because we can’t all be the best.

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