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Former NBA Star Delonte West Enters Rehab Facility After Getting Help From Mark Cuban

Good guy Mark Cuban strikes again. You all remember the photo from last week, showing former NBA star Delonte West begging for money on the streets in Dallas.

For the past two years, there have been a handful of photos (and even a bizarre street fight video) showing West in bad shape. His cousin tried to blame West’s recent struggles/homelessness on mental issues, and while that may be the case, drugs are also a problem here as well.

Last week, when the latest round of photos showing West on the streets hit the internet, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reached out to him and his family. As some of you may remember, West played for the Mavericks back in 2012. It was actually his last season in the NBA.

Sources connected to West’s family tell us that Cuban — who had been trying to reach DW on the phone for days — finally got in contact with Delonte … who agreed to meet the Mavs owner on Monday in Dallas.

Cuban reportedly met with West’s mom at a hotel in Dallas and together, they were able to convince West to enter treatment. He’s reportedly already checked in at a rehab facility in Florida. Cuban is reportedly paying for his treatment.

Now the hard work begins for West. Not only is he battling a drug addiction, he’s also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. So yeah, it’s going to be a long road, but hopefully it’s a road he can stay on.

Good on Cuban for reaching out and making this happen. He reportedly was trying to reach and call West for four days before reaching him, so it wasn’t like he called once and gave up.

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