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Insane Video Shows Utah Hiker Battling With Cougar For Six, Terrifying Minutes

A man in Utah by the name of Kyle Burgess started his weekend off by going for a run at the Slate Canyon Trail in Provo, Utah. He thought it would be a pretty uneventful day, but during his run, he spotted a few cougar cubs.

And if you know anything about wildlife, it’s that where there are cubs, there are big mommas lurking in the shadows, waiting to protect their young.

Not long after Burgess spotted the cubs, their mother began stalking him down the trail. He backpedaled slowly the entire time, making sure to maintain eye contact with the big cat.

He did all the right things, trying to yell and scare the cougar away, but nothing was working. You can see the mountain lion charge at him multiple times, and the charging is scary as hell. It looks like the damn cat is about to fly toward him like a bat or some sh*t.

We’re not sure how he managed to stay calm during this. I mean, you can tell he was scared, but somehow he was able to talk to the mountain lion as if they were old friends.

Thankfully, no one was injured, including the mountain lion who was just trying to protect her babies.

A happy ending, but a truly frightening video. And another clear example of how working out is very bad for you.

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