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Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Says He Is A Million Percent Sure Cops Did Not ID Themselves


We still don’t have justice for Breonna Taylor, and unfortunately she and her family may never get the justice they deserve.

But that doesn’t mean the truth won’t continue to come out. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, had an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, and during the interview, he talked about that heartbreaking night.

He says he and Taylor were in bed watching a movie when they heard a loud bang at the door. He says they asked who it was, and when they didn’t hear an answer, they believed someone was breaking in.

Walker claims he grabbed a gun and fired one warning shot, and that’s when the cops fired back with at least 30 bullets. Walker says it felt like he was in a war zone.

Walker says he tried to pull Breonna down but she was scared … and he knew she was hit when he heard her scream.

Walker says after the shooting stopped, cops didn’t enter the apartment and he still didn’t know who it was. He claims he called his mom, who told him to call 911. He tells King, ‘If I knew who it was, I would have said the police. I wouldn’t have called the police on the police.

When the officers had him come outside, he told them that he was not hit by the bullets, and he claimed one officer replied with, “That’s unfortunate.”

He also says the way cops were treating him changed drastically from the time he was arrested to a few hours later — when they were being nice to him and tried to explain to him a ‘little bit of miscommunication’ that resulted in the raid at Breonna’s apartment.

He also made it clear that he’s one million percent sure cops did NOT announce themselves before entering.

So there you have it.

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