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Kristen Bell Talks About Standing By Dax Shepard As He Struggles With Addiction

We told you last month that Dax Shepard suffered a relapse. He announced on his podcast that he started abusing painkillers after suffering a series of injuries this year.

He also talked about abusing pills in the past back in 2012 after his father’s death from cancer. “We had so little in common and so much friction, but the No. 1 thing we had in common was we were both f–king addicts,” he told his listeners.

That was about three weeks ago. On Wednesday (Oct. 14) Shepard’s wife Kristen Bell went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and during her appearance, she talked about her husband’s struggles.

He is actually doing really great. I mean, look, everybody is up against their own demons — sometimes it’s anxiety and depression, sometimes it’s substance abuse. The thing I love most about Dax is that he was able to tell me and tell us and say, ‘We need a different plan.’

Like, we have a plan. If he has to take medication for any reason, I have to administer it. But he was like, ‘So, we need a stronger plan. I was faltering, and I have to do some sort of emotional work to figure out why I wanted to use again.’

Bell says that Shepard is addicted to growth (he has an addictive personality after all) and is continuing to evolve, which obviously makes Bell very happy.

He was like, ‘I don’t want to risk this family, and I did, so let’s put new things in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again,’ We’re going back to therapy. … And I will continue to stand by him because he’s very, very worth it.

That’s what marriage is all about. You married that person for a reason, and just because they f**k up sometimes, doesn’t mean you love them any less.

I’m sure Bell makes mistakes as well. It’s hard to imagine, because she’s so dang adorable, but we’re sure she can be devilish at times. I bet she forgets to close the bread back up occasionally.

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