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Ice Cube Attempts To Defend Himself After It’s Revealed He’s Been Working With Trump Administration

Ice Cube lost some of his OG fans when he started appearing in films like ‘Are We There Yet?’ and now he might have just lost what was left of them.

It was revealed on Wednesday that the 51-year-old rapper/actor has been working with Donald Trump’s reelection campaign on issues pertaining to the black community.

The unlikely partnership was first made known to the public yesterday via Katrina Pierson, a senior adviser for the Trump administration, who tweeted, ‘Shoutout to @icecube for his willingness to step up and work with @realDonaldTrump Administration to help develop the #PlatinumPlan,’

What is this Platinum Plan? Well, it claims that the Trump administration will “increase access capital” by almost $500 billion in black communities. It also promises to create 3 million new jobs, provide affordable healthcare and improve access to a better education.

Of course, Trump has had four years to do something like this and he hasn’t done sh*t.

So why is Cube giving him the time of day? Well, he says he doesn’t have a party and he’s willing to work with anyone who is willing to work with him.

And look, he’s not wrong. Both parties lie and cheat, and under normal circumstances, I’d encourage people like Cube to work with both sides.

But there is nothing normal about Trump’s presidency, and working with him and his administration just ain’t cool. I mean, Cube once rapped about how Trump should be arrested.

Back in 2018, Cube released the track “Arrest the President” in which he encourages the arrest of Trump and spits out lines like, “Did you know the new white was orange?”

So what has changed in two years? Not a damn thing. If anything, Trump is even more insane. The fact is, the Trump administration would be willing to “work” with any Black leader right now because they desperately need their vote. They’re only doing this now because it looks good.

Cube should know better.

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