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What The Hell? Man In India Who Was Presumed Dead By His Brother Wakes Up Inside Freezer! (VIDEO)

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, this bizarre news story comes out of India.

A 74-year-old man named Balasubramaniya Kumar was reportedly gravely ill in his hometown of Kandhampatti when his brother noticed that he wasn’t moving anymore.

And instead of calling for medical help/confirmation, he went straight to calling a company that specializes in mobile frozen containers to preserve Kumar’s body.

When a technician arrived around 24 hours later to retrieve the freezer, he noticed Kumar was still breathing. Family members were alerted and, upon arrival at Kumar’s residence, were shocked to discover signs of life inside the make-shift coffin.

In the truly unsettling clip above, you can see that Kumar is still breathing. Someone asks in the video, “His hands are trembling, how?”

His brother replied, “His soul has not left him yet.”

Thankfully, they didn’t listen to the brother again, knowing it was more than just a slow moving soul. Kumar was removed from the freezer and transported to a local hospital. A doctor told the Times of India that he’s responding to treatment.

Meanwhile, officials in the city have opened a case against the man’s brother for declaring him dead without a proper medical check.

What the hell is this portable freezer business anyway? And why the f**k is it see-through? You better put a blanket over that sh*t.

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