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Fading Rapper, Emerging Social Media Troll 50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump For President Over Taxes

There was a time when 50 Cent was known for his rapping, but these days, he’s best known for being a full-time troll on Instagram. He’s constantly f**king with people online, and on Monday (Oct. 19) he went on his Instagram and endorsed Donald Trump for president.

And because he’s such a troll, we didn’t really believe it at first, but it appears he may be serious. He posted a screenshot of Biden’s tax plan, which would increase the tax rate for Americans making over $400,000 a year.

“WHAT THE F**K (VOTE FOR TRUMP) don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya f**king mind,” he captioned the post.

Here’s the thing though. He’s telling his followers to vote for Trump, but you know damn well this proposed tax increase wouldn’t impact 99% of his followers. It’s only for people earning over $400,000 a year, which is the top 1% of Americans.

So unless you’re the top 1%, you won’t be impacted, and if anything, the tax increases on the rich will benefit you…if the government works the way it’s supposed to.

Basically, 50 Cent wants you to care more about his rich tears than your, “how the f**k am I gonna pay rent” tears. Also, if 50 wasn’t so dumb with his money in the past, maybe he wouldn’t be so concerned now.

You see, the super rich of the country want you to believe these tax increases are bad for everyone, but they’re not. These millionaires and billionaires have cheated the system for too long. It needs to end.

This tweet sums it up pretty efficiently…

F**k Trump, and f**k 50 Cent.

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