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Meghan Markle And Alexis Ohanian (Serena Williams’ Boo) Talk About Raising Children Of Mixed Race

The two hottest topics of 2020 have been the coronavirus and race. It’s been a tumultuous year, filled with protests, racist remarks, police brutality. In a lot of ways, it feels like the divide is greater than ever.

And for Meghan Markle and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, that’s a bit concerning because they’re parents of mixed-race children. As you all know, Markle shares a son (Archie) with Prince Harry, and Ohanian shares a a three-year-old daughter (Olympia) with Serena Williams.

During a chat at the Time 100 “Engineering a Better World’ speaking series, Markle and Ohanian talked about the challenges.

As a husband you just get outraged, and then especially now in the role as a father, I just can’t help but want to create a world that is just fair to my daughter. And I know that that’s lofty, but it’s a thing worth striving toward.

Ohanian expanded, talking about how he’s been trying to diversify the tech industry and create a safer social media space, which led to his resignation from Reddit’s board. He requested that his position be filled by a black candidate.

Given that I am still getting hate mail about it, I knew I made the right choice. Because sadly, we’re at a place in this country where there is still a lot of work to be done. I thought about … the role that all social media companies play in our society and the world that it’s shaping for everyone including people like my daughter, like my wife. I knew that I had a responsibility to be able to answer her when she asked me in 10 years — when she’s a snarky teenager — what I did to help be a part of making things better for her.

Markle obviously understands this, perhaps better than anyone, after experiencing a lot of racism in the U.K. following her marriage to Prince Harry.

The things you’re able to tolerate on your own are not the same that you are going to put your child in a position of vulnerability for. You go every single day: ‘How can I make this world better for Archie?’ That is a shared belief for my husband and I.

By the way, Markle and Serena are very close. Serena attended Markle’s wedding back in 2018 and even threw her a baby shower the following year.

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