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Officer Shot In Breonna Taylor Case Speaks To Michael Strahan, And His Interview Is Infuriating As Hell (VIDEO)

Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, the officer who was shot in the leg during the night cops busted into Breonna Taylor’s apartment, sat down for an interview with Michael Strahan this week on Good Morning America.

And we’re assuming he agreed to the interview to clear his name, but to me, he didn’t do that. At all.

Mattingly claims that he and the other officers banged on the door at least six times and announced their presence with each bang. He claims they yelled loudly, “Police, search warrant, open the door!” with each bang.

Of course, Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, claims they did not reveal themselves, and his neighbors back up his claim. Strahan pointed that out to Mattingly, and his response was basically, “Well, they just didn’t hear us then”

When Strahan presses Mattingly on whether things would have been different if the cops involved had body cams, Mattingly says yes … because it would have shown they did nothing wrong … and nobody would even know about Breonna Taylor.

The sergeant does suggest they could have done something different to avoid the tragedy, though — bust in right away next time, thus preventing the people inside from grabbing a gun.

Mattingly paints a picture that Walker was basically cop hunting, but that just doesn’t make sense to me.

It’s not like Walker is some mastermind criminal with a super dark history. He’s not entirely clean, but he’s not a serial killer either. I just don’t think he’d hear police knocking at his girlfriend’s door, and then be like, “This is it. No one’s getting out alive!” especially when there was NOTHING incriminating inside the apartment.

And get this, Mattingly also talked briefly about the murder of George Floyd, and at first, he was saying all the right things. He thought it was wrong, disgusting, etc.

But then he pulled the whole, “Well, he may have died of an overdose and he wasn’t exactly a model citizen” card, which is racism 101.

And when he was asked to give a message to Breonna’s mother, he told her that no amount of money is going to bring her daughter back, and police reform wouldn’t bring her back either.

OF COURSE IT WON’T, YOU DAMN IDIOT! But maybe it’ll prevent future senseless murders from happening. This dude is a clown.

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