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Are We Getting A White Chicks Sequel? Marlon Wayans Sets The Record Straight

You may remember back in June of 2019, Terry Crews fueled a lot of rumors when he went on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and basically said that a White Chicks sequel was coming soon.

He said, “”I actually got with Shawn [Wayans], and he was like, ‘Man, we’re doing it. We’re getting it going,” so understandably, people were excited.

But now it’s been over a year, and there’s been no news about it, and it looks like that’s because it’s just not happening right now. It never was, according to Marlon Wayans, who talked with Andy Cohen this week.

Terry’s lying, but I ain’t going to say that to him because he’s too buff and I don’t want to get beat up. We’re working toward it. I’ll let you guys know when it happens, happens. But we’re moving slowly toward it….I like doing movies where I’m a Black man. It’s a lot less makeup.

So as you can read, it doesn’t really sound like it’s top priority for Marlon, and movies (even sequels) are hard to get made even when the people involved are passionate about it. But if you ain’t even passionate about it? It’s not going to happen.

Looks like we just can’t trust Terry Crews, which is not exactly surprising, given his recent comments on social media. He’s not a very popular person at the moment.

In any event, I’m not sure the world is ready for a White Chicks sequel. Maybe in a few years, when we’ve all mellowed out. But right now? We’re just in too serious of a mood to be watching Marlon in drag.

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