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Donald Trump’s Rally In Nebraska Turns Disastrous As Hundreds Of Supporters Get Stranded In The Freezing Cold

We all know that Donald Trump doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone but himself, and possibly certain members of his family. Beyond that, he doesn’t care. Somehow, he has managed to convince millions of people in the country that he does care, but we know the truth.

And perhaps a few of his supporters in Nebraska know the truth now as well. You see, Trump held a rally at an Omaha airport on Tuesday night. And this is late October in Nebraska, so the temperature was right around freezing.

Trump couldn’t last long out in the cold. His speech ended before reaching the one hour mark. It was his shortest speech since returning to the campaign trail following his COVID-19 diagnosis. So yeah, Trump wanted to go warm up in his private jet.

Meanwhile, his supporters were left behind in the freezing cold. Buses took them to the rally location, but unfortunately there were not enough buses to bring everyone back to their cars, which were parked around 2 to 3 miles away.

Thousands of people were left waiting for over an hour.

Police tried to help get the most at-risk people to warmth and safety, but at least 7 people were reportedly taken to local hospitals. After waiting for hours, many people gave up on the buses and walked to their vehicles about 3 miles from the rally site.

There was a report of one elderly man who couldn’t move at all because he was so cold. And you have to remember, these people waited hours in the cold before the event, waiting for Trump to arrive.

So not only are these rallies spreading COVID-19, they’re now also freezing people to near death.


This is not left vs right. This is compassion vs narcissism. Someone who lacks empathy can’t be the leader of the free world.

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