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Lil Wayne Endorses Donald Trump After Meeting With Him In Person

In the past two weeks, we’ve heard 50 Cent endorse (then not endorse?) Donald Trump, and we’ve also heard that Ice Cube is working with Trump’s campaign. It’s worth noting that Cube did not directly endorse Trump, but his comments and meeting have impact, and basically act as an endorsement.

Now another rapper is joining the Trump crew. Yesterday, Lil Wayne went on his Twitter account to announce his support for President Trump.

As you can see, Lil Wayne seems to believe that Trump is going to support real change in the black community and finally get sh*t done with this platinum plan Ice Cube keeps rambling on about.

Of course, Trump hasn’t done sh*t for the black community. Even though he claims he’s done more than any other president, we all know that’s a lie. Nearly every single thing that comes out of his disgusting mouth is a lie, and sadly that’s not an exaggeration.

Now why does Lil Wayne believe him? Because Lil Wayne is a lil stupid. That might be mean to say, but it’s the damn truth. If you’ve been following the rapper the past few years, this endorsement should not surprise you.

Have we all forgotten about his thoughts on the black lives matter movement? You know, when he was on Nightline and said this…

I am a young black rich [motherf—ker] If that don’t let you know that America understand black [motherf—kers] matter these days, I don’t know what it is. That man white; he filmin’ me. I’m a [n—ga]. I don’t know what you mean, man, don’t come at me with that dumb-ass [s—t], ma’am. My life matter. Especially to my bitches.

You see what I mean? He’s stupid. He believes because he has money, America can’t be racist. It’s like eating a peanut in front of people with life-threatening peanut allergies and then proclaiming, “If I can eat this without dying, so can you!”

Lil Wayne ain’t with you. His net worth is over $150 million. He’s concerned about his taxes going up. That’s all. At least 50 Cent was honest about it.

By the way, former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Farve also endorsed Trump…

And he believes Trump represents all that? Trump cheats on his taxes, avoided serving his country multiple times, and no matter how many times he holds up a bible for a photo op, he does not have a religious bone in his jelly-filled body.

Let’s hope their endorsements have little impact.

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