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Kanye West Concedes Presidential Race, But Says He Has Eyes For 2024

We still don’t officially know who won the 2020 presidential election, which is completely insane to say. We all had hoped it would be a bigger night for Joe Biden, but some reason half the country has joined the cult of Donald Trump.

But there is some good news: almost no one joined Kanye West’s cult. Some people were worried he might take votes away from Biden (or even Trump) but he was basically a nonfactor. So far, he has around 60,000 votes, which is nothing. It doesn’t even look like he’ll break 75,000 nationwide.

His best state? Tennessee. He managed to get around 10,000 in that state, and we’re assuming none of those came from anyone in Taylor Swift’s family.

The poor performance didn’t seem to bring Kanye down too much. He conceded on his Twitter account with the shortest concession speech ever.

He simply tweeted “WELP” with an image of the electoral map. He then changed his position and started campaigning for 2024.

No word on if Kim Kardashian voted for Kanye, but it’s likely she did. I mean, they live in California, so her vote (as far as the presidency occurs) doesn’t matter much. It’s going blue regardless.

Bottom line? No one wants another Twitter-addicted narcissist as president. Apparently, they just want the same one we’ve had for the past four years.

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