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Wow! Trump Supporter In Florida Snaps On A Girl Because She Flipped Him Off (VIDEO)

As Donald Trump continues to shout conspiracy theories on his truly pathetic Twitter account, his supporters across the country are getting more and more riled up.

A Trump supporter in Florida was driving down the beach, proudly displaying his Trump flags, when a young girl flipped him off. Now one can argue whether or not she should have done that, but what happened after? Well, you have to see to believe.

The dude got triggered. Hardcore. He jumped out his truck and got right in this girl’s face. He called her a dyke, said she should have been born with balls, and threatened multiple times to rip her head off.

“Touch me. I dare you. I’ll remove your f**king head,” he shouted at her. And when she tried to record his license plate, he tried to back his truck over her. At one point, some old lady comes into the picture and she starts yelling at the girl.

The old lady had an accent and the girl recording told her to go back to her country, so uh, there are no winners in this video. Everyone sounds like a douchebag. It’s a pretty accurate portrait of Florida. I’m not sure why anyone would choose to live there.

This country is more divided than ever, and unfortunately, Trump is only adding fuel to the fire. He’s trying to take the country down with him, and it’s working.

He’s convinced his followers (some 70 million people) that the only person telling the truth is him and whoever he retweets. Everyone else is the “fake media” even Fox News is fake to him now.

That’s the most dangerous thing about Trump. He has convinced his followers that facts aren’t real unless you agree with them. You could reply to one of their claims with multiple sources and they’d simply come back with, “That’s the fake news, man! It ain’t real!”

It’s the most dangerous thing Trump has done.

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